Really Important Fictional Things

FROTH feat. a Lovable Rake (Bridgerton)

March 16, 2022 Rosey & Avery Season 1 Episode 21
Really Important Fictional Things
FROTH feat. a Lovable Rake (Bridgerton)
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This week our friend and Bridgerton expert Laura joins us to chat about the shows froth, costumes, takes on race and sex, and possibilities for next season. For what we watched, Rosey gives an update on Abbott Elementary and Avery was busy skiing but still managed to watch Harry Potter again. Anna Delvey and roommate horror stories feature on the Netflix Top 10.

Next week we’ll cover the Sandra Bullock absolute classic Miss Congeniality.

Some topics covered:

Thing we trailed:

Where to stream:

  • Abbott Elementary — Hulu
  • American Auto — Hulu
  • Bridgerton — Netflix
  • Broadchurch — Amazon Prime with PBS subscription
  • W1A — Netflix
  • Derry Girls — Netflix
  • Outlander — Netflix
  • The Great — Hulu
  • Cinderella (with Brandy) — Disney+
  • A Knight’s Tale — Disney+
  • Sex Education — Netflix
  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses — HBO Max
  • The Undoing — Hulu
  • The Drop Out — Hulu

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What we watched
Bridgerton Deep Dive
Netflix Top 10