Really Important Fictional Things

Ferris, You Scamp (Teen Movies)

April 06, 2022 Rosey & Avery Season 1 Episode 24
Really Important Fictional Things
Ferris, You Scamp (Teen Movies)
Show Notes

This week we going on a wondrous tour of American teen films. From sex comedies to body horror to romantic drama TV dynasties, there’s a lot going on. And we know from experience that these movies can really shape a young impressionable mind, and therefore a whole generation. The what we watched section features a mini deep dive (with spoilers) on Hulu’s Fresh. And instead of a list this week we’re going off-the-cuff for a lightening round of our top picks for some teen comedy categories.

Next week we’re talking about Netflix’s Sex Education.

Some topics covered:

Where to stream:

  • Beyond Clueless — for rent on Vimeo
  • Fresh — Hulu
  • Coda — Apple+
  • The Last Kingdom — Netflix
  • Superstore — Hulu

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