Really Important Fictional Things

Spontaneous Sex Change (Jurassic Park)

April 27, 2022 Rosey & Avery Season 1 Episode 26
Really Important Fictional Things
Spontaneous Sex Change (Jurassic Park)
Show Notes

This week we’re diving into the 1993 ground-breaking (and shaking) Jurassic Park. Steven’s very into the traditional American nuclear family, as well as dinos, and we’ve got thoughts! We also discuss what we’ve watched, including a lengthy appreciation corner for Hot Ones. At the end we revisit the Netflix Top 10, which happens to be really dark this week — are we all doing okay?

Next week we’ll cover the Australian series Please Like Me. Find it on Hulu.

Thing we trailed:

Where to stream:

  • Jurassic Park — Amazon Prime (for rent)
  • Hot Ones — Youtube
  • Julia — HBO max
  • Minx — HBO max
  • Flight Attendant — HBO max
  • Please Like Me — Hulu
  • Abbot Elementary — Hulu
  • Schindler’s List — Hulu

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