Really Important Fictional Things

Chill and Still (Genre)

September 07, 2022 Rosey & Avery Season 1 Episode 37
Really Important Fictional Things
Chill and Still (Genre)
Show Notes

This week we're discussing Genre. Fantasy, True Crime, Rom Com, War...what's your favorite and why? We share listener opinions and our own. On the What We Watched section we discuss fave reality streams, and go tread into some spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty (proceed with caution).

Next week we're watching along with The Afterparty's episode 1 and 2! Tune in to hear our unspoiled (for the entire season we mean) thoughts!

Some Topics Covered:

Where to stream:

  • Locke and Keye - Netflix
  • Rue Paul’s Drag Race - Hulu
  • Fuckboy Island - HBO Max
  • Glow up - Netflix
  • School of chocolate - Netflix
  • (Spoilers) The Summer I Turned Pretty - Amazon Prime
  • Dawson’s Creek - Hulu
  • Downton Abbey - Amazon Prime
  • Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance - ESPN+ and Netflix
  • Midsommar - Netflix
  • A League of their Own - Amazon Prime

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