Really Important Fictional Things

Lord Above (The Sex Lives of College Girls)

January 05, 2022 Really Important Fictional Things Season 1 Episode 11
Really Important Fictional Things
Lord Above (The Sex Lives of College Girls)
Show Notes

Instead of letting Omicron’s presence completely drain your mental energy, listen to us light-heartedly discuss our new favorite show The Sex Lives of College Girls. We mix college nostalgia with contemplations of how seeing these situations on TV provides scripts for how to deal with serious stuff IRL — without letting it break you. We also discuss how The Morning Show is incorporating COVID into their storyline, Harry Potter, and a NOT NETFLIX top ten situation for 2021. Listen to the episode HERE.

Next we’re talking series finales, including How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Parenthood, House, New Girl, Insecure, and Chuck. Watch those by Wednesday 1/12 if you wanna be ~current~ and KoOL for the next ep.

Some topics covered:

Things we trailed:

Where to stream:

  • The Morning Show — Apple TV+
  • Happy Potter movies & 20th anniversary reunion — HBO Max
  • A Teacher — Hulu
  • Bo Burnham’s Inside — Netflix
  • Dickinson — Apple TV+
  • The Good Fight — Amazon Prime
  • Hacks — HBO Max
  • It’s a Sin — HBO Max
  • Reservation Dogs — Hulu
  • Philly DA — Amazon Prime with a subscription to Topic (free trial avail)
  • Station Eleven — HBO Max
  • Underground Railroad — Amazon Prime
  • White Lotus — HBO Max, Hulu
  • Mare of Easttown — HBO Max
  • Lady Parts — Peacock

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